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"Let me listen to your heart to help you create the life you will love living!"

Contact me to set up a complimentary discovery session!



I am honored you have chosen me to walk your journey with. I will coach you through life's challenges.  YOU hold the answers to all of your questions and are in the drivers seat.  I will help guide and coach you with inquisitive questions, meditations, and support, to unlock your dreams. Want to make a change in your life?  Especially if it's a health change--I have you covered! I look forward to discussing how we can do that together. 

 'I AM'
  • RN BSN Board Certified Nurse Coach.  

  • Over 40 years as a Registered Nurse in Oncology, modified intensive care, cardiac rehab, and home health care. 

  • Knowledge and wisdom from life's experience. 

  • Want to help people make changes in their health and life to prevent chronic dis-ease.

  • Complimentary modalities to help lead a cleaner and healthier life.

  •  A change agent for many a client over the years!

  •  Maybe it's losing weight, changing your dietary habits to a plant based diet, learning how to meditate to connect with yourself,  finding a different career path, learning ways to manage your relationships with friends and loved ones, or maybe just learning to love yourself for who you are, I'm here for you.  


 Have you ever struggled to make a change and wish you had made it sooner?  I needed to reach out for assistance to help myself. Using the talents and abilities I already held within, to make the changes I wanted in my life.  This can be done by learning ways to manage your choices of attitude and direction of your dream. Intention being a key element.   There are proven and age old methods to help you live from your dream to help you create that


I believe you are fully capable of making the changes you want. You are resilient and have answers. I will guide

you with keys to unlock your own path.  Using evidence based practice to help you achieve your desires and dreams. One day you'll wake up and say...

"It's time!"




"Pamela's extensive knowledge and communication skills...allowed me to let go of some limiting beliefs..."   Laurel 

"Pamela has a unique ability to intuitively feel out what you are needing..."  Rachel

"Pamela is very compassionate, yet challenges you to look at issues from multiple perspectives and deep questioning."    Jennifer 

"...through deep conversations and activities...Pamela helped start to accept, embrace, and love myself..."  Sandra

"I recommend Pamela to ANYONE!" Glenda

"...Pamela's compassionate light and wisdom,
illuminated my blind spots and areas of life I had neglected. ....brought me greater clarity, focus, and direction...a virtual safety-blanket, an incredibly healing space I could unravel and process experiences in."   Sabrina



Complimentary Discovery session-30 minutes

Let's see if we are a match and I will support you on your journey. 

One Month Packages-Make a start!

3 Month Packages-Make a change!


Monthly Check in Packages-- 
After you've made a start or a change!

***Limited spaces available***
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